REGISTRATION FOR OMAHA, NEBRASKA, REUNION
                                        SEPTEMBER 16 - 20, 2020
                                        2020 Reunion Cancelled

                                        MAIL TO:

                                   USS ANTIETAM REUNION
                               Erma Booth, Secretary/Treasurer  
​                               5406 North 37th Street
                               Tacoma, WA 98407-3500

                                Phone: 253-752-6158

​                                                   COSTS: 

Enclosed is a check payable to USS Antietam Reunion in the amount of $            for        
(number attending).  Please include the names of all guests (below) for name badges.

Reunion Registration Fee:               (number of people) x $30.00 per person =    $        .00
Indicate number and type of entree desired for Saturday night banquet:

​                            New York Strip Steak                     No. ____   @ $37 each          $         .00     
                            Pan Roasted Chicken                    No. ____   @ $27 each          $         .00
                            Roasted Salmon Fillet                    No._____  @ $27 each          $         .00

TOURS:  Thursday a.m., TP Factory; Lunch on own; p.m. SAC Museum
                                          Number Attending ______  @ $25.00 each                    $         .00

               Friday a.m., Botanical Gardens; Lunch on own; p.m. River Boat Tour
                                        Number Attending _______  @ $25.00 each                    $         .00
                                          TOTAL COST:                                      $____.00

Please indicate the number attending the following meals:

​                Wednesday Welcome Aboard             No.   _____
​                Saturday Men's Luncheon                  No.             
​                Saturday Ladies' Luncheon                No.             
                Saturday Banquet                               No.    _____

NAME:                                                                           WIFE/GUEST NAME:                                                    


PHONE: __________________________________   E-MAIL  ADDRESS:___________________________

DATES SERVED ABOARD THE ANTIETAM:                                     DIVISION/DEPT:                                         

​                                            Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Remember, it is our policy that, if you register early and then later have to cancel due to illness or some other emergency, we will refund your registration fee as follows:

Cancellations before August 20, 2020:  Full refund of registration fee.

Cancellations after August 20, 2020 :   No refund, with the exception of medical emergencies, unless we can get the                                                                  hotel to adjust the food charges.

                                                     Hotel Registration:

Members should make their room reservations directly with the Holiday Inn Omaha Southwest,
3650 South 72nd Street, Omaha NE, 68124; phone: 402-905-9414.
To receive the special rate of $85.00  per night for a standard room, you must mention the USS Antietam Association Group when making your reservation.
Give them your date of arrival and departure.  Ask for handicap/non-smoking rooms, if applicable.  
Be sure to get a confirmation number.

Cutoff date for room reservations is August 20, 2020.