REGISTRATION FOR  ALBUQERQUE, NEW MEXICO 

                                      SEPTEMBER 19 - 23

                                        MAIL TO:

                                   USS ANTIETAM REUNION
                               L. Ray Young, Treasurer,  
​                               411 HILL DRIVE, GALENA, MO 65656

                                (Phone: 316-680-0252)

​                                                   COSTS: 

Enclosed is a check payable to USS Antietam Reunion in the amount of $            for         (number
attending).  Please include the names of all guests (below) for name badges.

Reunion Registration Fee:               (number of people) x $95.00 per person =    $        .00
Indicate number and type of entree desired for Saturday night banquet:

​                    Sliced Prime Rib                                                  No.  ____            
                    Chicken Marsala                                                  No.          
​                    Poached Salmon                                                 No.          

Thursday:  Bus Tour to Old Santa Fe  (Lunch on own)    

                                                                         No._____ x $ 48.00 per person =  $         .00

Friday:     City Bus tour  (Lunch on own)

                                                                        No._____x $ 48.00 per person = $______.00

Please indicate the number attending the following meals:

​                Wednesday Western Buffet            No.   _____
​                Saturday Men's Luncheon              No.             
​                Saturday Ladies' Luncheon            No.             
                Saturday Formal Banquet              No.    _____
​                Sunday Breakfast                           No.            _

NAME:                                                                           WIFE/GUEST NAME:                                                    


PHONE: __________________________________   E-MAIL  ADDRESS:___________________________

DATES SERVED ABOARD THE ANTIETAM:                                     DIVISION/DEPT:                                         

​                                            Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Remember, it is our policy that, if you register early and then later have to cancel due to illness or some other emergency, we will refund your registration fee as follows:

Cancellations before August 19, 2018: Full refund of registration fee.

Cancellations after August 19, 2018:   No refund , with the exception of medical emergencies, unless we can get the hotel to adjust the food charges.

Tour cancellations after the cutoff date will be handled on an individual basis.

                                                     Hotel Registration:

Members should make their room reservations directly with the  Ramada Midtown Hotel at 1-505-884-2511.

To receive the special rate of $81.00 per night, you must mention the USS Antietam Association Group 
Give them your date of arrival and departure.  Ask for handicap/non-smoking rooms, if applicable.  Be sure to get a confirmation number.

Cutoff date for rooms is August 20, 2018.